The Particularity of the Romantic Motif in Photography


To quote Prof. David Piper, "While photography has taken great part in the informative role of art, its own peculiarity and uniqueness became the subjects of many pieces of art". Aviv Shiloh's impressive dramatic photography is a fine example of just that. His pieces look like carefully drawn realistic paintings and have a strong, almost mythical impact.

Much has been said about landscape photography and the difficulty in appreciating the art of capturing our natural surroundings in the age of the hi-tech digital smartphone camera, which is one of the various obstacles facing those who wish to become proficient in the medium. There seems to be limited revisiting of traditional, epic photography, the romantic documentation of that which is in front of the lens as a unique and original picture. The overflow of all sorts of different photos taking over our lives, has critically cheapened the art of photography, and is forcing us to set new rules to the game and an up to date approach to the process of photography.

That in mind, young artist Aviv Shiloh's ongoing work seem to be a constructed, accomplished and well thought out process; photography that creates its own remarkably original and refreshing language. It can be determined that Shiloh's landscape photography takes full advantage of the camera's sensitivity and provides his works their own typical character. Shiloh is a master of light design and creates, with only his camera, a unique view enriching the landscape with unusual shades and features. Aviv Shiloh photographs a dramatic and assertive associative world based on the sceneries he witnesses traveling the world. Usually, his point of view focuses on one main element in the center of the frame and a drastic transition between it and the background texture. Built on internal emotional interaction between the spectator and the manifest qualities seen through the lens, his work has the characteristics of cinematic narrative. The contemporary impressionist expression Aviv gives his photographs is a main characteristic of his series of epic, romantic landscapes that leave no spectator indifferent.

Aviv Shiloh's Sisyphean camerawork is unique in its process-oriented conceptual approach typical to his work.

Shiloh's subjects usually focus on either natural stretches or urban textures with a particular character. This approach calls for professional work of creative application, forbids the artist to compromise and ensures an honest and original project. This is why anyone capable of aiding this young artist should reach out and help him complete his mission.

Doron Polak / The Israeli Center for Digital Art